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We are Tom Smalley and Walter Goedecke – the founders of NightFlight Sport and developers of Hit Wize – a 3D tracking system for batting games.

Our goal in developing Hit Wize 3D Tracking System for baseball batting cages is to combine the joy of hitting a baseball or softball with advanced 3D technology to create a new experience for batting enthusiasts.  With our technology you will be able gather stats on your hitting and improve your performance.  Play games and enjoy competition with others to see who is the “Sultan of Swat.” Find out how your hitting would be at Yankee Stadium, Coors Field, or on the Moon.  You can create teams, form leagues, and hold tournaments.  There are many possibilities.


We are asking for your support so we can continue improving our existing system, begin testing at various venues, and market the system.   To achieve this we would look to grow our team with two new people: one to work on user interface development and another to market the system.  The funds would go toward marketing, engineering, and other operational expenses. I

What does your contribution get you?  Recognition within Hit Wize and on our website Hall-of-Fame and depending on the contribution level.

Why invest in us?

Currently we are a team of two; Tom is a creative problem solver with a background in computer programming. He worked for IBM for 35 years in a variety of roles from computer operator to IT solutions architect that benefited from his innovative solutions. Walter has a background in geophysics and aerospace, and has worked with guidance, navigation, and trajectory estimation algorithms to track aircraft and other objects.

The Problem:

Batting cages offer little feedback and few ways to record and assess your batting performance.

  •  Was it a home run?
  •  Was it fair or foul?
  •  What if I change bats?
  •  What about different pitch speeds?


Hit Wize 3D tracking system for batting cages uses two high-speed cameras that lets you:

  •  See spray charts of your hits
  •  Track your “slugging” average
  •  Create teams and leagues
  •  Participate in inter-site play and tournaments


Hit Wize is a excellent opportunity to create a new entertainment venue with wide appeal. It can be used by:

  •  Baseball fans around the world
  •  Club players & coaches
  •  Existing & new batting cages
  •  Mobile batting cages
  •  Major league stadium

Keys to Success:

  •  Based on the much loved American pastime of baseball
  •  People are competitive, they like to keep score
  •  People crave new entertainment experiences
  • Intellectual property registered as:
    •  Patent US8336883 “Ball Striking Game”
    •  Trademark “Hit Wize”

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